CPAC 2016 Highlights

imagesMarch 2nd-5th was the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, better known as CPAC. This year, I had the distinct pleasure of representing an amazing movement and a wonderful presidential candidate: Turning Point USA and Senator Ted Cruz. Turning Point USA is a non-profit, student led movement that is all about free markets and limited government. Using pop culture references and interesting techniques in order to raise awareness and gain attention for the movement, they are quickly sweeping the nation with the mantra ‘Big Government Sucks’.

As the Iowa State Director for the Millennials for Cruz Coalition, it was also amazing to be able to represent Senator Ted Cruz at CPAC 2016. I was proud to see so many fellow Cruzers in attendance, and I was ecstatic when I found out that our campaign won the CPAC Straw Poll with 40% of the vote. I gained so much from the multitudes of brilliant speakers, so I wanted to share my favorite quotes from this weekend so that others might appreciate them as well.

Wayne LaPierre, NRA:

“Hillary Clinton…has been clear about one thing: she hates the 2nd amendment, she hates us [NRA] and she wants to take every bit of freedom we have.”

“To all the women of America: you’re not free if you’re not free to defend yourself.”

Buzz Aldrin, Second Man on the Moon:

“We Americans do these things: act on our dreams, think big, and then we look back and bring the world along with us.”

Dana Loesch, The Blaze:

“Reagan’s gone, and we’ve got to stop chasing his ghost…he fought the fight and he kept the faith and he finished the race; let’s let the man rest in peace.”

“If you don’t like the people at the top of the primary, you have to change it…you find the courage, and you speak louder.”

“Suck it up buttercup-this is POLITICS. We don’t do participation trophies, we’re conservatives!”

“I want Democrats to check under their beds for REPUBLICANS, not the boogeyman.”

“If you want the party to be more conservative, you have to consume it from the inside like a cancer.”

“You want a war on women, try disarming them. We had the right to bear arms before we had the right to vote.”

Glenn Beck, Speaker, Author and founder of The Blaze:

“What is it that unites us as conservatives? Not a party, but principles.”

“We are dedicated to the Constitution and its principles because we a clear minded, because we are rational…”

“You as an individual are the most powerful being ever created by God himself.”

“Because the rights of us are given as individuals, the rights of 5 of us do not conquer the rights of 1 of us.”

“If the goal truly is to make America great again, the one thing we do not need more of is a government deal or government program.”

“Shame on us for asking for loyalty votes. Loyalty votes should never be made to parties, that’s a step toward fascism.”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, The AHA Foundation:

“To discuss Islam as a set of ideas does not make you racist, it does not make you Islamophobic.”

“I grew up as a Muslim…and anytime a Muslim leader tells me on TV or in person that Islam is a peaceful religion, my intelligence is insulted.”

“Political correctness is literally eroding our systems from within and killing it.”

“They want to modify the 1st Amendment to give Islam a pass that we don’t give to Christianity or Judaism.”

Congressman Steve King, Representative for the 4th District of Iowa:

“When you hear people say, ‘Oh I feel,’ you should say, ‘Can you think? Can you reason? Let’s do that instead.'”

“We’ve moved away from this idea that objective truth should always be what we’re anchored in.”

“We need to elect a President who has a vision of how to defeat the ideology of Islamic jihad.”


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