Fury to Mourning: Reacting like Christ

Earlier today, I came across a post on Facebook that absolutely riled me up. It was unintelligent on political, cultural and religious levels. Generally, conflict or calling someone out on the internet is something I hate, but I felt that in this situation, a well worded comment would be a great idea. So, I attempted to write something. Then I erased it, and tried again. Then, I erased the do-over and tried one more time. Finally, I erased my last comment, closed out Facebook, and sat back to think about my reaction.

This post fired me up because I couldn’t BELIEVE that this person would think or imply such things. However, I knew something was wrong when I couldn’t think of something put together to write. I love writing; I ALWAYS think of something to write.

As I sat and thought about it, I realized my reaction was SO off base. I was irritated; really, I should be mourning. This is a person who is lost, a person who has not found the loving grace of Jesus, and a person who is looking for the answers in all sorts of places that won’t provide truth. Why should that make me angry?

That realization hit me like a train. So frequently, I let things bother me, irritate me, or even bring to the brink of fury. It is SO easy to write off someone as unintelligent and evil.

However, the things we see on social media are tiny pieces of a person’s life: most of it is the highlights. If something I see on social media is so broken, so riddled with error, so off base, what does that say about the condition of that person’s life, heart? Could something like that be a snapshot into what’s really going on?

Thus, I am challenging myself to new thinking. When I see similar posts or hear similar comments, when I begin to get irritated over what they say and do, I am going to stop myself and remember to mourn. I want to mourn over the fact that they don’t know the love of Jesus and mourn that they’re living life without the Truth and Way.

And after I mourn, I am going to remember that they are a person to be reached for Christ, and that they are people that I am going to reach with LOVE. Looking at life through the lens of Jesus’ sacrifice makes things so much clearer. I’m going to remember to look through it.



One comment

  1. Jill Blomberg · July 23, 2016

    If you try to take on the weight of the whole world, it will weigh you down and break you. We’re only responsible for the things we say, and do and the way we touch other’s lives. Pray for lost sinners. Do your best always. Leave the rest to Jesus. Trust in Jesus. It’s the hardest lesson for all Christians to learn.


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