The American Dream in Action: Caleb Hull & Vizivo

We live in a country where a visionary who is willing to work hard and keep fighting upward can become whoever or whatever they want to be. However, many people don’t want to put in the hard work that it takes to get where you dream of going. That’s why stories of success are so inspiring; stories of people like Caleb Hull, a twenty year old who has turned his passion for capturing great videos into a business that lets him do what he loves for profit.

A senior at Cedarville University in Ohio, Caleb is the youngest in a line of four children. His parents chose to live on a single income in order to put a greater emphasis on family, so Caleb grew up in a household where self-sufficiency, wise money management, and being debt free was encouraged. This type of upbringing gave Caleb an entrepreneurial spirit that developed at a young age; as a second grader, he began running lemonade stands. At points, he would rake in twenty dollars a day, and his success continually motivated him to get back out there and work a little bit 13714392_10153653572831860_1228237016_nharder.

In middle school, he borrowed his father’s lawn mower and started going door-to-door with flyers advertising his new landscaping and snow removal business. Caleb and his partner saw the most demand in the winter, and their business grew tremendously. This business lasted two years and carried him into high school, entrepreneurial spirit intact.

Caleb entered high school right as GoPro cameras were becoming popular. GoPros are cameras that are created to capture action well and are simple to use, but can be extremely difficult to edit. Caleb bought a GoPro with some of his saved landscaping money and used it to film himself and his friends out snowboarding. However, when it came time to edit the video, he was continually frustrated with the quality of the videos that turned out.

The next year led to Caleb working to develop a unique editing style for the GoPro footage he captured, and ended up with him creating videos that captured the story of an event in a quick, concise, and exciting way. His style was rare, and it started gaining attention quickly. After his friends kept asking him to edit their footage, he launched a company named Relive the Adventure his junior year of high school.

Caleb started targeting the action sports market, and quickly gained more business than he could handle. Soon enough, he was turning customers away because he didn’t have time to keep up with school along with fulfill every editing request. However, as his business gained momentum, he had opportunities like never before, such as artists asking him to film recap videos of their concerts.

As the business grew, he took a leap and invested in three thousand dollars worth of equipment, which dramatically increased the quality of his videos and increased business exponentially. Since that point, he has been filming conferences, student government promotional videos, and concerts. Just this past summer, he was on stage filming The 13714351_10153651380571860_1376946129_nChainsmokers, one of the largest EDM artists on the scene currently, at one of their shows in Boston. After releasing footage from that show, he had requests from three other artists to film their concerts as well.

This fall brings exciting things for Caleb. He is rebranding his current business under the name ‘Vizivo’ in order to reach a more professional audience, and plans to continue filming concerts, weddings, and business events.  He and a friend are developing an app that could have huge marketing potential, and there are plans to launch that later this year. He will also continue in his role as Video Director for Turning Point USA. New things are also on the horizon for Caleb; he will be partnering with the business school at Cedarville University to help students seeking a minor in entrepreneurship gain practical, hands on experience, and he will also be launching a media company on campus.  

“I am able to use the skills I learned on my own throughout my life to do what I love to help other people, and it is absolutely amazing,” wrote Caleb. He is a young man who had a vision, and has worked incredibly hard to get where he is today. His is truly a success story of the American Dream, and should inspire all of us to work tirelessly to make our dreams a reality. Our country doesn’t need an entitled, unmotivated future generation; it needs movers, shakers, entrepreneurs. Take hold of a vision, work hard, and watch things in your life start to change.

Vizivo officially launches today, so be sure to head over to and check out footage, the background and heart of the company, and to contact Caleb and his crew for your video production needs. Oh, and follow Caleb on Twitter to keep up with all his latest happenings.


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