Why I’m a Conservative

Conservative principles and politics are near and dear to my heart. They fire me up, and I’m out there championing them everyday. Why am I a conservative? Throughout the years, I’ve distilled it down to four very important reasons that can quickly be summarized.

Conservatism best represents Biblical principles

I am a follower of Christ before I am anything else, and therefore, I want my politics to reflect Jesus also. I truly and firmly believe that conservative principles are what represent him best. Sanctity of life, sanctity of marriage, personal responsibility for the aide of others instead of passing it off onto someone else, justice for all, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, liberty. I could go on. I believe that although Jesus came to take over, not take sides, the conservative movement truly does represent everything he stood for and everything the Bible preaches the best.

Conservatism makes the most fiscal and economic sense

Free markets create free people. Socialism takes away any form of empowerment, forces people to rely on the government, and creates a country of unmotivated citizens dependent on bureaucrats. I have seen the free market and the American Dream work hand in hand time and time again to create beautiful stories out of people’s lives. In America, the free market gives us equal opportunities, and it is up to us what we make out of them.

I am a conservative because I believe in empowering people to be able to stand on their own two feet, not creating a dependent society. I believe that it is up to individuals and private organizations to care for the least in society, NOT the government. I firmly believe in the proven fact that capitalism cures poverty.

Conservatism pushes for government to stay within its bounds

Government is only good for one thing: governing. It even needs to be limited in that function. If you ask government to govern too much, or to try to act and provide like families or the private sector, it will fail its people every single time.

I believe conservatism is the best option in keeping government in check. Liberalism creates a government much too large, and although I agree with much of what the Libertarian Party puts forth, some of the things they advocate for actually SHOULD be governed. The policies conservatives put forward do the best job of pushing the government to return to the size it was created to stay at.

Conservatism is the best option as a woman

In the conservative movement, I have never been told that there’s something I can’t do because I am a woman. I have never been told I’m a victim, been put down, ignored, or pandered to because of my gender. See, in the conservative movement, instead of telling women that they’ll be continually victimized and that they should be offended by any little slight, we tell them that they are as strong and as capable as their male counterparts, and that they can go out there and make an absolute difference regardless of their gender. We tell them that they don’t need the government to try and fight their battles for them; they’re capable of doing that for themselves.

I also believe that the true war on women comes from the left. You see so many liberals say that they fight for women, only to slander, abuse, and ignore the women who disagree with them. Hillary Clinton is a prime example: claims to fight for women while continually ignoring conservative women who disagree with her or women in the womb, and she silenced the victims of her husband for her own political gain. What. A. Champion.

I’m a conservative because I don’t need the government to fight for me; I can do that for myself, and I want them to get out of my life as much as possible. I don’t need to be turned into a victim through the imaginary wage gap or through feminist battles that are absolute nonsense. I’m not a victim, I refuse to be treated like one, and I will continue to fight against a culture of victimization through empowerment, and through realistic defense such as my Second Amendment right to carry a firearm.

THAT is why I’m a conservative.

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