How to pray for America when you don’t want to

As Christians, we are frequently told to pray for our country. Being totally honest…that’s something that is hard for me to do. When America, a country that has been so blessed, has completely turned its back on the Lord, it’s tough to feel like I should go before the Lord and ask for more blessings on the country. 

Maybe you’re like me. Maybe the thought of asking God’s blessing on such a corrupt country and corrupt politicians bothers you as well. However, when I struggled to pray for America, I have discovered unique ways to pray. Here are some ways you can as well.

Pray for wisdom

Pray for wisdom for our politicians. They might not be asking God for it themselves, but you can always plead with God on their behalf. We need politicians who use wisdom in the governance of this country.

Pray for revival

Prayer that God would move in this country is so needed. You can pray for revival of hearts and minds. Specifically, you can pray for God to draw politicians to himself.

Pray for God’s glory

Finally, we should pray for God to be glorified through America and its politics-however this takes shape. God’s glory could come in a way we totally don’t expect or necessarily want-after all, God hardened Pharaoh’s heart so that the glory of the Lord would be shown even more so. The cry of our heart should be for God to be glorified through America, no matter what it looks like.


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