The Things We Know Not

“British economics. Logical fallacies. The sitting members of Congress.” The list in my brain of things I either don’t know about or don’t know ENOUGH about seems to grow longer every day. Some days, my mind is simply flooded with the inadequacies of my knowledge.

Realizing how much you have left to learn can be discouraging. This world is massive, and the stream of new material to learn about that enters it every day is overwhelming. How in the world can I be expected to keep up?

When you crave knowledge about everything, it can be hard to accept that you don’t actually know everything, and that you will never know everything. However, the beauty of this human existence is that we are not stuck in one place; even though we will never know everything, we can keep learning MORE. We don’t have to simply accept our lack of knowledge-we can do something about it.

So, instead of being overwhelmed by all the things we know not, let’s become enthralled by everything we have the potential to learn about. It is an awesome privilege to be able to have so many opportunities to learn. Read as many articles, books, essays as possible. Watch documentaries, listen to podcasts, keep up with the news. Travel to new places, take in history-step into it.

Yet, I must give cautionary advice. If you think that you are simply going to learn all these new things and grow while simply sitting there, you are sadly mistaken. Growth and new knowledge takes work; you have to pursue it, figure out how to learn, how to keep things in your brain. You have to work hard to gain new knowledge, but it’s so worth it. Become a master in the art of learning; effort given to the pursuit of new knowledge is always worth it.


One comment

  1. Jill Blomberg · August 18, 2016

    Nice article! When you get older you realize some of the things you thought you knew were wrong!


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