Conservatives, Fight Clean

It is a very well known fact that Democrats fight dirty and Republicans refuse to even put their fists up. However, I see a new trend rising among young conservatives. We begin to overcompensate for an older generation’s lack of fighting, and that’s all we do. Soon, you can’t tell a young conservative apart from a young liberal.

Urban Dictionary defines ‘fighting dirty’ (or ‘cheap shot’) as, “An action or actions that are considered ‘dirty,’ deliberate, unnecessary or excessive because they are perceived as unethical, unfair, dishonest or a ‘last ditch desperation move’ ways for one to gain favor or the upper hand in a scenario for themselves or their cause as opposed to “taking the high road and fighting fair”. These are aimed at something vulnerable, sensitive or unprepared for the damage.”

For example, I have looked on, totally appalled, while I witnessed several young conservative men I am acquainted with (who are generally kind and well-mannered) rip a liberal woman’s appearance to shreds. I can’t stand Hillary, but I have witnessed people take a crack at a totally normal blunder (such as coughing on stage). I’ve watched time after time as young conservatives stepped into the ring with fists up, only to go in for a low blow.

Young conservatives (or any conservative reading who may struggle with this), we’re better than this. If it’s so well established that liberals fight dirty and fuel their arguments with emotion and finger pointing, why should we mimic them? Every once in a rare while, a tactic of the left can be of some use to the right. This is not one of those tactics.

No, conservatives, we have such greater arguments. We have facts, statistics, reason. We know how to think logically and argue passionately. We could pull out the fact that Hillary Clinton has a list of 46 dead people attached to her name; why do we ignore that fact to comment on a terrible wardrobe choice instead?
We must stand up and fight, yes, that is important. But equally as important, we must fight a clean fight, a genuine, factual, passionate fight. In the end, emotions, low blows, and unfair comments will not hold up. Well-reasoned, logical, factual, and passionate arguments will. Let us strive to be those types of fighters.

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