Jesus Isn’t Boring

Recently, I was sitting in a church service, and being quite frank, I was completely distracted. As the pastor droned on, I kept trying to focus in, lost my focus, and then berated myself for not being focused. Finally, it got bad enough that I tried to process why I was having such a hard time listening to this pastor. Finally, it dawned on me.

He was making Jesus sound boring.

That hit me like a ton of bricks. If somebody wasn’t saved in the crowd that was listening, they would have been repelled by the pastor’s depiction of Jesus, not attracted. That broke my heart.

Folks, Jesus is anything but boring. He’s fully GOD, and portrayed that in human form-how could that lead to anything but a thrilling and brilliant life? He walked on WATER, he made blind eyes SEE and deaf ears HEAR, he cast out DEMONS, he MULTIPLIED food. He is a sin TAKER, a death CONQUEROR, a SAVIOR of humanity.

No, Jesus is the farthest thing from boring. The fact that we so frequently portray him as dull, low energy, to-the-letter, and dutifully plodding through life toward the cross is SICKENING. It is a mutilation of the brilliant, thrilling, supernatural Savior who took overcame death on our behalf.

John 10:10 says, “I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full.” If we depict Jesus, or anything from the Bible as boring, or simple bullet points of history, we’ve got it all wrong. Jesus came so that we could have life to the FULL, and that’s how HE himself lived. The Bible is a jaw-dropping, breath-taking narrative of who God is and how He loves us so.

Yet, we have become so numb to who Jesus is, what he has done on our behalf, and what he continues to do in each of our lives that we are able to find him boring. Folks, we need to open our eyes to the brilliancy of the Gospel once more. Look at it from a fresh perspective-let the words depicting our Savior wash over you like never before. When we become numb to who Jesus is, we can’t truly fathom the beautiful grace he gives.
Let us guard carefully against a numb heart. Jesus is beautiful, magical, brilliant. A relationship with him is the greatest and sweetest love story anyone could ever ask for. Open your eyes to the Gospel, ask Jesus to reveal who he truly is to your heart. He is the antonym of boring-let’s remember that and proclaim it to the world.

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