I am not Love

I am not Love.

Haven’t you heard? Love’s always patient. I definitely am not patient. Love’s always kind, and that’s not me either. Somebody got on my nerves the other day, and I definitely snapped at them-how was that kind?

Love doesn’t envy, yet I see the places people are going and the relationships they’re starting, and I want what they have. Love isn’t self-seeking, never boasting, never proud. I can be one of the most self-centered people I know, constantly boosting my own reputation and ego at the sake of my holiness and the people around me.

Would Love do that?

Love isn’t easily angered, yet I find myself being angered at the smallest of things. Love doesn’t keep a record of wrongs. Would Love look at someone and remember every hurtful thing they’ve done like I do?

Love doesn’t delight in evil, yet I find myself consuming evil on a consistent basis, brushing it off as ‘humor’ or ‘entertainment’. Love rejoices with the truth. Sometimes, I’m too afraid of the truth to even speak it in this society. Love always protects, trusts, hopes, and perseveres; I definitely do not.

Love never fails, yet I do.

No, I am not Love. Thankfully, the One who saves me is Love himself. No, I am not Love, but I am loved and saved by One who is, and therefore, I will keep changing.

Day by day, I will become more like Love until the day I get to stand face-to-face with Love himself.


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