Conservatives Don’t Fit in Your Box

In a world where liberal ideology is put forth by the media and by education as the ‘intelligent’ and ‘progressive’ choice, conservatives seem to be shunned to live inside of a stereotypical, stigmatized box. The media hates us, education tells us we’re racist and wrong, and liberal politicians like to preach to the world about how horrible we are.

Let’s clear a few things up.

I’m a conservative. I don’t fit in a box.

I am pro-life in all forms. I don’t just want to see babies in the womb protected and saved from slaughter, but the death penalty abolished, and war eliminated unless absolutely necessary for human rights.

Even though I want all people to be able to exercise their right to self defense, I still find it awful when someone is shot. I will be carrying a gun when I am able to legally purchase one because I believe I have the right to be defended, and because of the fact that at the mere visual of a weapon, a possible assailant is deterred 55% of the time, I may not ever have to dispatch my weapon, even in case of attempted assault. Even in the case of self defense, a life taken is not to be taken lightly, and I think that carrying a weapon is a great responsibility.

I want to see immigration law enforced. I don’t necessarily think a wall is the best option to protect our border, but I’m open to reviewing research-I know it would certainly save the country money if it was effective. I think immigration is a wonderful thing, but the country is negatively impacted when immigration law is not enforced, especially when illegal immigrants want to flaunt their criminal status.

I think that the United States has room for refugees, and that with proper vetting and checks in place, we can welcome people who need to escape horrific situations and STILL prevent terrorism in this country.

I am a conservative who is extremely supportive of conservation and protecting this planet that we live on. I think global warming is a myth, and the government SUCKS at trying to take care of the planet. I think that it is the responsibility of each individual to make environmentally friendly choices, and that with the intelligence that the free market brings, we will be able to care for our planet even more so as innovation presents wonderful inventions to assist.

I am a Christian, and think that homosexuality is sinful in the eyes of God. However, I think gay marriage is a states’ rights issue, and that it should be left up to the discretion of each state instead of being determined by the federal government.

I think that freedom is a human right. This means freedom from oppression, freedom for those in slavery, and freedom from restrictive governmental regime.

I think that the more the government intervenes in the economy, the more they kill the free market. Government kills innovation and creation, and regulation stifles economic growth.

I dream of a country where every police officer is required to wear a body camera and a bulletproof vest, and where they don’t go to work everyday thinking they might die because of racial strife. I dream of an America where racism is TRULY gone, and where people are not discriminated against, whether it be from lack of school choice, ethnic targeting by Planned Parenthood, big government, or individual prejudice. I think Black Lives Matter is addressing valid concerns, but they’re addressing them in the form of domestic terrorism and have completely discredited themselves.

I think that we need to sit down with those who are different than us and and learn where they’re struggling and how we can come alongside, as individuals and communities, and lift one another up. Whether we’re different because of race or gender or politics, we’re all human, all in need of love, compassion, and a great Savior.

I could continue, but yes, I’m a conservative. And no, I don’t fit in your box. None of us do. We’re all different and passionate about different things. We’re diverse, we’re passionate, and we’re tireless, no matter how much we’re stigmatized and discriminated against. 

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