Spring is a Spiritual Thing

Stepping out of the door to my dorm this morning, I couldn’t help but smile. It was the calm after a raging thunderstorm last night, and the earth was just HAPPY. The air smelled fresh, the grass hadn’t looked this green in forever, and the breeze didn’t make me running back inside for a sweater.

Clearly, spring has come.

Spring just has a way of touching your soul. After spending time cooped up inside in too warm of building with too stale of air, being able to break out, throw windows open and shorts on, and enjoy some sunshine is soothing. It’s one of the most wonderful things out there.

Honestly, spring is a spiritual thing.

The season just feels redemptive. It’s full of new life, full of change, full of promise. It’s a time where the weather and the planet point to Christ, and give a botanical and ecological demonstration of his redemptive work in us. Is there any wonder that it was this season in time, around Passover, where Jesus died and rose?

We tend to miss this beauty in the rush of life. There are papers, finals, moving. There’s plans to make, summer jobs to apply for, hours to get in. Graduation, life changes, weddings, plans. We got caught up in the hurricane that school and life transitions cause.

We forget to slow down and look around.

Get outside. Take a deep breath. Appreciate the color GREEN. Listen to the rain. Smell some flowers. Just take it all in.

Being alive is truly a thrilling experience. This spring, take it all in. Realize that the renewal and regrowth signified by the new life spring causes is the same renewal that Christ offers us through his sacrifice of love on the cross. We can be made new, we can be redeemed. We can gain new life as well. Spring can come to our spirits.

Yes, spring truly is a spiritual thing.

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