apathy will kill America

The media, the politicians, and the bureaucrats may say differently, but the largest threat to America is apathy.

Apathy will kill a country.

I think all the facts point to conservatism being best for the country, so clearly, I argue from that point. I think that things like the degradation of liberty, terrorism and radicalization, and globalism are huge threats to our country. However, they are not the root of the problem, but results.

We’ve seen the last few generations grow more and more apathetic toward the cause of freedom and both the symbolic and real light of hope that America shines into the world; to so many who are under oppressive and brutalizing regimes worldwide, we are a city on a hill. Yet, Americans have stopped protecting and fighting for America.

We’ve caved to taxation under the guise of positive improvement. We’ve handed over liberty out of fear of harm. We’ve stopped caring for one another because the government does it. We don’t defend free markets and the improvements they create for mankind; we’ve started to think that ‘free stuff’ sounds better than ‘freedom’.

There are delusional Americans who defend all the ‘progress’ America has made, not seeing that this progress has only been positive in very, very few areas. No matter what side of the political aisle you fall on, however, one of the most concerning things for an active citizen is to witness a generation stop fulfilling the responsibilities being an American brings.

If you don’t go vote, you’re allowing others to speak on your behalf.

If you don’t educate yourself as to what campaigning politicians believe, you’ll allow anyone to represent you.

If you don’t read through legislation, you won’t see it when the government continues to take more money out of your pocket, more freedom away, while simultaneously damaging the country more.

If you don’t open your eyes, you’ll fall for anything.

If you don’t care enough to do any of this, you’re one of the people that are working to kill this great country.

The government and the bureaucracy at large don’t want you to wake up. They prefer an apathetic population. After all, a sleeping population is easily won and simply lured to their destruction.

Apathy will kill America if we let it. If you’re one of the ones who are awake, start waking up others. If you’re one of the people who have been apathetic, OPEN YOUR EYES. Stand up, and start fighting the good fight.

The America we know will be lost if you don’t.

(PC: Marines.mil)

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