Be the [Economic] Change You Want To See

There’s this very contradictory thing that many politically minded individuals do, especially those who are Millennials like me. Since socialism has become this trendy thing, and the actual impact is ignored, so many people are in desperate promotion of socialism, practically falling down to worship the ‘good’ it creates. Yet, the entire time they’re doing this, they are enjoying the benefits of capitalism.

Picture a 2016 Bernie Sanders supporter. If they tweeted about their love of socialism from their iPhone, Ubered their way to one of his rallies, or fueled their canvassing for his cause with Starbucks, you have the right to laugh at them. The entire time they were vocalizing their support for one (terrible) economic ideology, they were enjoying the fruits of the one they deemed terrible and cruel.

Huh. How odd.

Granted, any time you put imperfect human beings on a planet and ask them to carry out an economic ideology, no matter how perfect the system is, you’ll run into problems. I will never deny that capitalism has caused some terrible problems; you see extreme greed, environmental problems, and big business running small businesses to the ground at points. Don’t even get me started on crony capitalism; government and business should never be in bed together.

Yet, even with damage in mind, capitalism is truly the economic cure, a beautiful means of human advancement. It is the system that allows cures to be found, technology to be created, and people to rebuild their lives. Capitalism grows economies, allows bright and gifted individuals to shine, and makes life easier, simpler, faster, and more affordable. There are endless benefits to a system that allows people to flourish instead of bringing them crashing down.

So, if socialism is not the cure, and capitalism is what promises a bright future, what can be done to create a better country? Surely, we’re not just supposed to sit and allow the few problems that capitalism does bring to grow and thrive in this country. Yet, what can we do?

Well, you and I can be the economic change we want to see.

WE decide where our money goes, we elect officials who decide where government money goes, and we can learn about the impact our spending creates. We can give generously to benefit those who are hurting; we can research companies, and choose to buy from those who are doing amazing things for people and this planet; and we can support small businesses and entrepreneurs who are doing something truly amazing.

See, the key to a brighter future is not found in changing the system. It’s found in changing how we make choices within the system. Capitalism provides us with the options and the freedom to choose, but we are ultimately the ones who must decide what we will do.

Be the economic change you want to see in this country. Freedom is a great and beautiful thing; what will you do with yours?


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