I Will Rise: Words Inspired by Jesus, Piper, and Micah 7

Very, very rarely is it ever shared, but I write spoken word pieces frequently. Sometimes, words need to be penned, but they don’t fit a traditional piece or a song, and thus, must be written a different way.

I’ve been reading back over my 2017 journal, and I came upon this piece titled “I Will Rise” that I wrote in March. It was penned when I was struggling with battling sin, and even moreso, struggling with the guilt that came with breaking the heart of Christ. I had just listened to a John Piper sermon on sin (specifically addressing sexual sin, but completely relevant for everything else), and when he was speaking on Micah 7, my heart skipped a few beats.

Here is that reaction that I penned.

“Sin in my sleeping, my waking, my scrolling. / Sin in my reading, my writing, my speaking.

Sin dwells deeper than ever before, Consuming my mind, my heart, my breathing.

God stand before me, guilt overwhelming, yet I will rise.


God stands before me, yet between us there’s a cross. / Blood soaked, rugged, ugly cross.

Yet as ugly as it is, that cross bore my Hero. / Nail-scarred, perfect, flawless Hero.

My Jesus was broken, bruised, beaten on that cross in front of me.


Nail-pierced, mutilated, blood covered. / And yet, there was romance. /

What an odd, strange sense of romance. / Death brought intimacy, and as strange as that sounds,

I found life because He laid His down.


That life was perfect, that trial was unjust, and that death was brutal.

I think it shows power when you die, and creation starts to scream.

Nevertheless, there was romance, because it wasn’t a death without causation.

No, Jesus died like a lamb led to slaughter to forever created intimacy.


Before that cross stood between God and I, there was a wall.

Yet, my Savior’s cross-bound death broke that down. / The barrier is gone, and victory is HIS. Instead of separated, I’m adopted; / Instead of sinner, I’m sanctified;


Instead of dead, I’m ALIVE.


So even when I’m wrapped in sin, / I’m forgiven, and I can turn and run home.

So even though I sit in darkness, yet even still, I will rise.” Micah 7:8-9


Watch Piper’s sermon here.

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