An Altered View

I was definitely wearing my hair in pigtails.

I transferred to Hannibal-LaGrange University last year after obtaining my Associate’s degree from a community college. I wasn’t used to living on campus, and I was cynical and pessimistic about my move, dreading it more and more as the day drew closer. I also was not a fan of the idea of ‘New Student Orientation’, knowing I was probably one of the few upperclassmen that would be there, and that it would definitely be full of the get-to-know-you activities that I despise.

Cheery outlook, right?

When the day came, to get my hair out of the way, I threw it into toddlerish pigtails and grabbed a baseball cap, reasoning that I’d have time to change before the evening’s activities. Spoiler alert: I didn’t. Thus, I walked into my first day at HLGU with not only a very doubtful and pessimistic outlook on things, but also looking like I was five years old.

One of the thoughts I clearly remember having that day is, “I am SO sick of being yelled at.” Of course, nobody was yelling at me, a new student, in an angry manner; I was just fed up with the amped up, in your face, eardrum bursting cheering from Trojan Army, the new student move in team.

That was a rough weekend, and throughout it, I honestly thought that my time at HLGU would be absolutely dreadful.

But guess what?

I was part of Trojan Army this year.

I was one of the people happily cheering at the new students. I was one of the people helping orchestrate the very same get-to-know-you activities I hated last year. I was one of the people being over-the-top enthusiastic about the school.

In a year’s time, my view had been completely altered. While I walked into Fall 2016 absolutely dreading my time at the school, I walked out of Spring 2017 and into Fall 2017 with a cheerful outlook, full of school spirit, and happy to be here.

I say this to illustrate a single point: give things time. You may hate something in the moment, but more than likely, you will have an altered view after a little while. Walk into things expecting to have your outlook changed.

An optimistic outlook is not something I’m good at, but it’s something I’m working on. After all, if moving to HLGU taught me anything, it’s that time will give you an altered view, and things WILL get better, even if it seems like they suck in the moment.

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