Armed with Facts

“Facts don’t care about your feelings.”

That Ben Shapiro quote has become one of my many life mottos. In a world where feelings seem to reign, facts are still there. They still are the foundations of our world, as quiet and inconspicuous as they have been forced to be in society.

You may be emotional and opinionated, but if you’re not coming from a place of facts, reason, and knowledge, even if you’re right about something objective, you need to reconsider what you think. It doesn’t matter if something sounds good on paper-is there a reason to believe it? Does it have a firm foundation that it is built upon?

I have been challenged throughout the past year to reaffirm what I believe in. I have been taken deeper into what I thought I already knew, examining the foundations my arguments and beliefs are built on. Although this has changed my mind on a couple of issues, the rest of my life has just found strengthened beliefs, things I have become even more passionate about.

Are you a follower of Christ? That is amazing-He is so worth following and living your life for. Faith is beautiful and required; however, you should seek to use your mind to follow Him also. Dig into the Word, STUDY it. Read all the books you can, talk to people that are older than you, and keep coming back to the Word.

Learn about the factual basis for the Bible, the tremendous amount of proof and history that backs it. Examine things-become armed with facts. Walk in faith, love people like Jesus would, and allow the Spirit to lead and guide your answers, but put your mind to work in soaking up the knowledge and evidence about the faith you lead.

Into politics? Awesome-we all should be in one capacity or another. Learn both sides of the argument. Listen to people who are different than you and test what they are saying; you will either discover points where you need to change, or your argument will become stronger. Research, learn, and grow in order to be on the right side of issues and to have strong, factual arguments.

This can be applied everywhere. Research. Learn. Grow. Arm yourself with facts and reasons. Test arguments and see if they hold water. Reexamine what you believe in and why you believe it.

This is not something that I am perfect at doing, but it is an area I have been growing in. If you truly believe in something, take the time to discover WHY you believe it and if you are right. Your life will have a firmer intellectual foundation in doing so.

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