The Thrill of Octobers

The most thrilling first day of the month will always be October.

Although, January 1st is a close second.

There’s just something about Octobers. They’re thrilling, exhilarating. They are crisp and energetic, slow and sweet, spooky and cozy all in one fell swoop.

I am in love with Octobers.

Today was no exception. From waking up to see the first October sunrise over the Mississippi with people I love to breathing in the crisp fall air as I tried to crunch on every fallen leaf, today has been a first of October for sure. It’s lovely and addictive.

Aside from the weather, the sweaters, the football, and the pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, there’s something more. There’s something more than even the spookiness of the month itself. I think there’s something about the space October takes up that makes it special.

It is the grand entrance to the final quarter of the year. When October shows up, you know it’s go time. Those goals you have been slacking on? October is the cure. The plans of better things you were so thrilled for at the beginning of the year? October is the place of their execution.

There’s something about October that whispers, “Keep going. Push yourself. You can do better.”

The weather is inspiring, the end of the year is nearing, and October remains steady. October is a month of promise and inspiration, brilliance and hard work. October, for all its Pinterested, white girl promoted perks, has become my favorite month not only for those things, but because of all the promise it holds.

So pull out those 2017 goals. Rework them if they need it. Put a plan in place to meet them, and know that October has your back. Grab a pumpkin spice latte, put up Halloween lights, and get stoked for the month sprawling in front of you.

October is HERE. It’s go time. Let that thrill you.

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