a three in the morning kind of magic

A clock that reads three o’clock in the morning, burning eyes, and a reeling mind are not an oft desired combination.

Yet here I am.

I am a Sunday night insomniac. The brink of a new week often takes my breath-along with my sleep-away. So, instead of finding the rest to face the week, I find myself in the quietness that still early mornings and new beginnings bring.

If only my eyes were a little less on fire.

There’s a three in the morning kind of magic. The one where you hear the wind and see the moon and feel small. The one where the grandeur of this life and the weightiness of dwelling on this planet hit your heart like they never can during daylight.

Have you ever really looked at another human and realized how spectacular they were? I’m not talking about staring at your significant other and thanking your lucky stars-although, that’s always a fun pastime when one exists.

No, have you looked at the girl who sits in the back of your class whose name you can’t remember and seen a smile that should be carved into marble? Have you noticed how the guy you pass everyday smirks like he knows all your secrets?

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and realized that their eyes glow with excitement that can’t help but be contagious?

There’s earthly magic that can’t be fully processed until you sit up with yourself and the world at three in the morning. Love and loss, war and peace, moon and stars-our world is full of antonyms and synonyms, metaphors and allegory, comings and goings. I don’t think daylight is the time to fully process any of it.

The stillness of a three in the morning may have its own sort of magic, but there’s something deeper there as well. How spectacular is it that we have a Creator who WANTS us to fully enjoy and be delighted by the brilliance within this planet? How He formed the beautiful and breathtaking and furious to make our heads spin?

He holds planets in His palms and yet is content to have us be delighted by a simple storm.

There’s a three in the morning magic indeed, but it has deeper and stronger roots. May our hearts soar, may our minds reel, may our souls be lit on fire.

But even moreso…may we get sleep more frequently than we get three in the morning.

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