Why You NEED People Who Will Hurt Your Feelings

You’re totally capable of making perfectly wise and healthy emotional and life decisions right? And you NEVER do anything you would regret?

Okay, obviously I know the answer to those two questions, and I know enough to know you’re in exactly the same boat I’m in, and do stupid things ALL THE FREAKING TIME. How do I know this?

Because you’re HUMAN.

We as humans are basically our own worst enemies, and the most blind and oblivious to what goes on in our own lives. Many say that we’re our own worst critics, and while that’s certainly true, we are too frequently the biggest cheerleader for our own choices.

This. Is. A. Bad. Combination.

Since we have such clouded vision when it comes to our own life choices, we need people who see clearly. This is why you need to surround yourself with people who are ready and willing to hurt your feelings.

While you certainly need people in your life who will encourage you and cheer you on in your goals and dreams, you need people who also have permission to be perfectly objective. You need to keep people around who are able to look at your life and point out all the problems they see. The friends who will tell you something is a great idea are a dime a dozen; the ones who will give you a questioning look and ask you to explain yourself are much more rare.

Not only do you need to give these people permission to speak hard things into your life, but you need to LISTEN when they do so, even when your first impulse is to get angry.

Listen when they tell you that your habits are bringing you down.

Listen when they tell you you’re making poor relational choices.

Listen when they point out the sin that they see in your life.

And then ANSWER when they ask you hard questions. Be honest, even when it hurts, because this is for your growth and good.

We need objective, loving people in our lives who are willing and able to hurt our feelings for our own good. Find them, give them permission to speak, and let them help you begin to change.

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