Hold Tight To The Vision, Not The Details

I graduate from college in three weeks, which means I am on the cusp of life on my own and independent…which is essentially the same as staring down into a black hole.

Not terrifying at ALL (note the sarcasm).

Huge life changes turn me both nostalgic and analytical. How could I have chased Jesus harder? Did I love enough? Did I spend enough time with the people I adore? What were the wrong choices I made? The right ones?

Even though transitions such as graduation naturally breed the tendency to look back over your shoulder, they invoke dreaming about life ahead even more. My head has swarmed with questions about the future for the past months. Where will I live? What will I do? Will I be a city dweller or slow down to a rural pace?

I am as Type A as they come. The list maker, Pinterest board creator, detailed dreamer-that’s me. I love plans and answers, knowing the next few steps. For that very reason, God has drilled one thing into my brain:

Hold tight to the vision, not the details.


Details will change, and those plans you hold so tightly to will alter themselves more than you’d care to think about. Yet, there is something that is reliable: God’s calling on a life, and the vision He puts in our hearts.

I know that wherever I go, wherever I live, whatever I do, my life will be centric to following Jesus with all that I am. I know that the vision for my life, the call He has placed, involves becoming a part of a local Church, digging deeply into community, and putting roots down that allow me to live life together with other believers and missionally

I know that God has prepared me and called me to reach the lost, the least, the broken, and that will involve opening my doors and giving my time. I know that He has given me a hospitable heart, one that desires to make my home the space where others come to laugh and cry.

He has called me to work hard as if working for Him at whatever job I take. I know that I have a passion for caring for my body well, and that will involve leading a fit, healthy, and sustainable life.

I know that friends and family will always be one of my greatest priorities, and that caring for such relationships will be a huge part of my life. And, the vision for my life includes adopting a dog.

Will this vision, even when added to, be reliable and applicable regardless of the actual details of my life?


Y E S.


Hold fast to the vision, not the details. After all, Proverbs 16:9 states, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.”

God will order your steps, and the details will work themselves out. Hold tightly to the vision, hold tightly to your calling, and follow Him with all you have. You’ll be okay.

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