Why The World Needs Your Story

People are not bullet points and statistics. They are stories, the sum of all their experiences.

It makes sense that we, as humans, are drawn to narrative more than we are to lecture. A list of facts and information may be interesting, but it doesn’t appeal to the core of our being. A story? Instant connection.


That’s why the world needs your story, friend.


We are so fast to hide our own experiences away. Whether because of shame, fear of no interest, or dismissal as ‘unimportant,’ too often we carve pages and chapters out of our own life. These are tucked away from the world, never to be broadcast.

Yet, maybe the parts of your life that you despise the most, doubt the most, or find the most unimportant are the pieces others could benefit from the most.

There are pieces of my story that I hesitate to share. The vast majority of the time, the hesitance comes from my own pride. “Will they think the same of me? Will they judge me? Will they even care?”

Your job, however, is not to react to your story, or even to be concerned about the reactions of others. It’s simply your task to share it.

The times when I’ve been willing to share the darkest, deepest, roughest parts of my story, an impact has been made. I’ve heard the words, “Thank you for sharing; I needed to hear that because ____,” more times than I can count.

Don’t discredit yourself, and don’t let shame, fear, or doubt do it either. God wired humans for story for a reason; He gave you your story to make an impact. The world needs it, and there is freedom to be found in sharing it.

Find that freedom. Tell your story.

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