Make The Chaos Count

I think everybody has had a moment where they’ve stepped back and tried to figure out if they’re actually living their life, or if it’s just HAPPENING to them.

Sometimes I sit back, look at the word ‘thrive’ inked on my wrist, and just have to bitterly laugh. I feel as if I live doing quite the opposite. Instead of thriving, I tend to get swept away with the chaos and end up simply surviving.

And you know what? That’s okay.

The chaos part anyway, not the lack of thriving.

I used to think that thriving meant taming the chaos. I thought it meant being up in the early hours of the day, a perfectly Instaworthy life. I probably didn’t envision this consciously, but it was in the back of my head.

That’s not thriving. That’s living a perfect life which is, by the way, unattainable.

Would it be great if my day and schedule and mood and relationships functioned exactly how I wanted them to day in and day out? YES. THAT WOULD BE WONDERFUL.

Yet, if you just feel like you’re living your best life when you’re chaos free, you’re not actually learning how to live. Thriving is all about making the chaos count.

Feel overwhelmed, like the storm of the day is simply sweeping you away? What can you do RIGHT NOW to make it count? How can you live boldly for the kingdom? How can you love someone around you? What can you do today that is going to actually matter tomorrow, no matter how chaotic right now seems?

Folks, I’m preaching to myself. Life isn’t about eliminating the chaos; if that’s our goal, we’re going to feel like we’re three steps behind for our entire life.

It’s about thriving in the midst of it.

Make the chaos count.

In Christ, you can.

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