Quit Stealing Their Standards

We don’t need any more of them.

We don’t need carbon copies.

We need individuals.

Individuals are supposed to live unique lives. They’re supposed to have different patterns and habits and emotional tendencies. And, they are certainly supposed to have their own, individualized standards.

If theft is wrong, why are we apt to steal the standards of others to use on ourselves?

Think about it. How does it make ANY sense that we think we need to measure ourselves against others? It is a ridiculous and odd habit, and I am the guiltiest of them all.

I ran my second obstacle course race this weekend, and since this topic has been rolling around in my head for a while now, I was acutely aware of each time I started to hold myself to somebody else’s standards.


Tackling that final obstacle before the finish line.


“Kelvey, why don’t you look as cute in the photos of you running as that girl does?”

“Kelvey, why aren’t you strong enough to complete this obstacle without failing?”

“Kelvey, why did you finish in 1 hour 40 minutes when he finished in 1 hour and 7?”

“Kelvey, why didn’t you run more before this so you were as good as they are?”

It was honestly disgusting, and a habit I had to keep correcting throughout the entire race. How many times a day do I do this without even noticing?

Listen folks. Your body, your ability, your finances, your life, your habits can’t be weighed against those of another because they are such unique things. We see this in the Church all too frequently; people measure their spiritual life against other Christians instead of taking it to Christ.

In your fitness? Push yourself, be driven and determined, eat with you body’s best interests in mind, and be happy with the progress YOU make.

In your finances? Be responsible, save and give what you can, and work to pay off or stay out of debt. Your salary is YOURS – it doesn’t belong to them.

In your habits? Maybe waking up at 5 AM to journal and do sunrise yoga and slowly sip coffee with perfect lipstick isn’t your thing. Maybe you will never be a morning person, and trendy habits aren’t for you. Do what’s best for YOUR life.

And, in your spiritual life? Don’t look to others. Look to Christ.

Comparison is a thief of joy, and no comparison is so subtle, yet toxic, as thinking we all should be measured by the same benchmarks. Embrace your uniqueness, and live a life you’re proud to call your own.

I’ll be over here, working on taking my own advice.

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