You’ll Get Hooked On The Story – And That’s Okay

Have you ever lived a day without actually living YOUR day?

And by that, I mean have you ever lived a day where you were so wrapped up in a story that it didn’t seem like you were actually in your own life?

Stories are addictive. They run in our blood. Every culture has been entranced by them. They get passed down and retold and live on much longer than we do.

Yet, we nervously laugh at ourselves when we get wrapped up in them, almost embarrassed to admit it.  

“It’s fictional,” we say to scold ourselves. “Focus on reality.”

If there is something I’ve come to learn about the stories I consume, it’s that I will get hooked on them…and that’s okay.

God didn’t create us as black and white, bullet pointed people. He created us to love storytelling. Guess why Jesus told them so much?

There are certainly stories that lack redeeming qualities, and we should strive to have a Philippians 4:8 mindset when choosing what tales we take in, choosing the lovely, the noble. However, it doesn’t matter whether a good story comes to you from pages in a book, Netflix, or by word of mouth – a GOOD story has the power to entrance, captivate.

There is a time to be fully in reality, and our eyes should always be fixed on our Creator. Yet, we are dreaming people, and stories are created to help us dream in other worlds too.

While there have been times where I’ve felt bad about having my head in the clouds, the truth is that I’ll probably always have a story on my brain, and that’s honestly a GOOD thing. If there is a story that encourages, uplifts, makes me think, and shows me the beauty in the world, why shouldn’t I think about it?

So, you can find me over here hooked on a good story, dreaming in fiction, and perfectly happy about it.

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