I Don’t Need To Chase My Wildest Dreams

We dwell within the most goal driven, productivity obsessed, five year plan mapping culture that could possibly exist.

Efficiency, accomplishments, accolades – we’re obsessed. Even if we were to ignore the fact that ‘productive’ is a word designated for machinery, not people, we are still left with so many problems in this never resting, never content endless race of living.

Have we forgotten that not all of us are called to be world leaders? Have we forgotten that being the ideal Pinterest wife and mom is not a crowning achievement in the long run? Have we forgotten that there’s no possible way we can make that yoga class AND perfectly pull off a side hustle AND have flawless hair and makeup AND pull off world domination, all before we go in to our 9-5 for the day?

We are never stopping. We are never settling. We are never slowing down.

And it’s all so wrong.

Flip open to the Gospels and run your fingers along a page; what is Jesus like? He’s not racing – he’s paced. He’s rhythmic, restful, intentional. He’s habitual, focused on the right things.

Folks, I don’t need to chase my wildest dreams to be content. I don’t need to be a high-achieving goal setter, the woman with the corner office. I don’t need to constantly push myself to greater and greater things.

What do I want to be?


I want to be in love with my Savior and the small things that HE thinks are important.

Yes, I think God does call His people to great things, and I have no doubt that He has some of those in store for my life. Yet, why should I abdicate the things that are closest to His heart just to accomplish what culture paints as a vivid and outstanding life, one worth living?

If I only have a boring life by planetary standards, that is OKAY. If all I do is love and follow my Savior, serve my family and friends and neighbors well, and steward what I’m given to the best of my ability, my life will be FULL. I can rest content that even if I’m not doing something the world paints as great, my life is still well lived.

So yes, while running for Congress sounds appealing, so does being a good neighbor. So does serving my future family well. So does dwelling deeply and slowly in the things of God.

Don’t get it twisted; culture can never show us how to live a vivid life. Only Jesus can.

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