Christian Women Need A Full Theology

Go flip open your Bible. Read its pages. What are the women of the Word like?

They are certainly not fawning, simple, singular creatures. They’re hardworking followers, dedicated matriarchs, passionate members of the body. They are a judge with a sword, a brave girl saving her people, women sitting at the feet of Jesus while fighting back against the cultural indignation aimed at them.  

Bravery. Complexity. Strength. In the pursuit of hard and holy things. At the moment God took a bone and created a uniquely feminine image, a legacy began. Scripture tells the stories that remind me of the footsteps I now walk in. Ancient women, fierce after the heart of God, strong with strength not their own, broken as I am but knowing to Whom they belong.

Jackie Hill Perry puts it best when she answers the question, “What is a woman?”



The women of the Word define all that it means to be a fiercely feminine human, created to tread this earth in a complex and counter cultural way. We belong to the body as unique members, and it is better for having diversity of gender. If women belong to the kingdom equally, why is it that we are so often offered a substitute theology?

Why can’t I walk out of women’s ministry event without feeling an ache in my heart for more? Why are women so often given a theology that exchanges the depths of God for a feel-good narrative? The sad truth is that if all I ever experienced of Church were the places designed solely for women, I would likely hear about God’s love and mercy, not His wrath; unwavering forgiveness, not about the hard pursuit of righteousness; how beautifully I’m created, not how depraved I am without Jesus.

I’m not saying that there aren’t exceptions to this – I’m just saying that this is all I’ve ever experienced in these spaces.

Christian women don’t need Scripture watered down, especially not by other women. Hard concepts? Good. They’ll teach us to open our Bible and unpack it for what it actually says, not what we want it to mean. We don’t need topical studies that make us feel good; we need all that God says He is, all that Scripture preaches.

Church, we’ve got to do better. If I go to another event where women are only given a partial theology, I might cry (or scream, I haven’t decided yet). Women after the Word are hungry for truth; preaching it might isolate those who are only after their own emotional comfort, but those who are after JESUS will be happy to set the simple, happy theology aside.

We don’t need the Church to point us toward a fractured story that’s designed only to make us feel good. We need it to point us toward the Cornerstone we’re built upon.

One thought on “Christian Women Need A Full Theology

  1. Loving God and being loved by Him is a joyous thing! He is my best friend, and I talk with him all day long like a best friend without any ceremony or pomp, just conversation between to loving, caring friends. I lay my burdens on Him because I know He will gladly carry them for me. I follow where He leads me because I know He will never lead me astray. I ask Him to comfort me, and give me His peace because I trust that He will do that for me. I try very hard to live up to His expectations of me because I love Him, and want to please Him. I know there are consequences for sin, breaking his commandments, and living in a way not pleasing to Him. There is nothing but joy to be found in loving God, and being loved by Him.


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