5 Little Ways To Brighten Your Day

I think we tend to have an all-or-nothing mindset about most things. Happiness isn’t an exception.

Who says your day can only be brightened by big moments? Sun may light and warm a room well, but candles will also get the job done. Don’t knock the small things in favor of the big.


Need inspiration? Here are 5 little ways to brighten your day:


1. Subscribe to email newsletters that you enjoy


Our inboxes are full of newsletters we don’t care about – why not add some you actually WANT to read? I’m a lifestyle junkie, so I subscribed to a few lifestyle newsletters (like The Newsette!) that are fun to read each morning. I also subscribed to The Hill’s Morning Report – catching up on what’s happening in politics each day makes me feel a little more pulled together.


2. Keep your favorite drinks on hand


No, it is not financially wise to go buy that $5 latte every single day. So, why not keep your favorite drinks (or supplies to make them) on hand? I keep a stash of La Croix, lemon water, and coffee at my apartment to keep myself out of the boring plain water rut.


3. Change your phone wallpaper


I live in a different city than most of my family and friends, and there have been some pretty rough days of missing them. One of the ways I brought brightness into those days was by changing my phone’s lock screen to a picture of me with my loved ones so I saw their faces each time I picked up my phone. I also make sure my laptop backgrounds are quotes or pictures that make me smile.


4. Listen to something you love


I’m often shuffling through a great playlist (like the Netflix playlist for To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before). Lately, I’ve started listening to a lot of audiobooks and podcasts. Pick something that lifts your mood and hit play.


5. Call a family member or friend


When all else fails, calling up a close family member or friend is bound to brighten your day. Especially when you live far from your loved ones, chatting about the everyday things is important.

The big moments are great, but life is full of little moments. Why not make the most of them?

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