Need A New Start? A Reset Will Help

I could champion the idea of a reset all day long.

In fact, I was recently on the phone with my parents when I mentioned that I reset my apartment every night before I go to bed. Their response? “We know.”

The word ‘reset’ is a verb that means ‘set again or differently.’ The definition invokes a sense of order, of balance, of strategy. It makes me think of new beginnings, fresh starts.

Why is it important to reset? Because it means that you are intentionally stopping whatever you’re doing to create a sort of new start. We aren’t meant to just keep doing the same thing 24/7. We are creatures of season, of rhythm, and resets help encourage these patterns.

And, a reset can occur in any part of your life. Here are some of my favorite examples:




I mentioned that I reset my apartment every night before I go to bed. Whether this becomes a daily ritual or a massive overhaul to turn things around, your home is a great place to start. On a daily level, it means that everything gets returned to its proper place and that basic cleaning tasks are done so that your space is ready for the next day.




If money is stressing you out or you feel your finances getting away from you, this is another prime candidate for a reset. What a reset looks like will all totally depend on the individual. Maybe you set new financial goals and rework your budget. Maybe you go over your current situation, cancel cards and subscriptions, and make a plan to get out of debt starting from where you are. Whatever makes you feel like you’re starting over with a clean slate is what your reset needs to be.




I think every Christian has experienced a season when daily time in the Word seems more like a neverending burden than a lifegiving joy. If that’s the case for you, it might just be something you need to keep pushing through. In my life, I have found that a reset in HOW I read the Word usually takes me out of this rut.

Maybe that means switching back to the Old Testament if you’ve been in the New Testament for a while. Maybe that means switching up your study style or reading large chunks of the Word at a time for a while. A small reset can make a big difference.

Need the feel of a new start? Look around – there’s definitely an area of your life that you can reset.

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