Let’s Not Compare Need For Need

When I’m spending time with other believers and we start asking how we can pray for one another, I often pause. 

The tape that runs through my head goes something like this: 

“Their parent just died. They’re about to lose their house. They are going through hardships. And I’m…what exactly? Anxious? Stressed? Exhausted? Not the same.” 

I KNOW there is not a spiritual ranking system. I KNOW that God cares about all our needs and everything that’s going on in our hearts. I KNOW that other believers want to join me in what I’m going through. 

But I still compare need for need. 

There’s a lot this could be chalked up to but I think it boils down to one key thing: doubting the sovereignty of God. If He holds the entire universe, doesn’t that include the small things in my life? 

When I act as if things are too small to be taken in front of the LORD, I am subconsciously sorting things into boxes. There is a box of things I can handle and then there is a box of things that I think God needs to know about. 

Held up to the light of Scripture this idea is ridiculous. But don’t we do it anyway? 

I don’t think my hesitation to share all my needs with other believers stems from a fear that they will judge the hardship in my life, but from subtle doubt that creeps in. The doubt that whispers lies about God not truly caring about it all, having a hand in it all. 

The truth is that God is SOVEREIGN. He reigns, He rules, He loves, He KNOWS. He speaks over each situation and moment in my life. He is the God who told His people, 


“See, I have written your name on the palms of my hands. (Isaiah 49:16)” 


So, when the hesitation comes (as I know it will), I’m going to take a deep breath and remind myself to stop comparing need for need. He already knows. He’s already alongside me in the midst of it. Surely His body should know as well.

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