Start Where You Are, Then Widen The Circle

The realm of possibility is broad. It’s wide. It’s intimidating. 

But the circle you stand in? It’s much smaller. 

Whenever we seek to make changes to our lives we look at the possible. We try to take in the whole circle and span. We consume it and then are often paralyzed into inaction by its enormity. 

But what if we worked to make changes starting where we were, in the circle our own two feet stand within? 

Changes in our health and wellness are often like this. When looking at the full picture, the options for eating plans and workouts and lifestyle changes crash upon us like tidal waves. And when a tidal wave of options hits, the overwhelm kicks in and we end up doing nothing. 

On the flip side, starting where you were would mean taking a look at your own life before looking at a slew of options. What are your goals? What is your budget? What matters to you? How much time do you have? Based on your answers to all those things, what eating plans, workout regimens, and lifestyle changes make the most sense for you starting out? 

You determine those things, find a place to start, and then widen the circle. 

This works for anything, but the world of health and wellness simply offers easy examples. When I first started to get in shape, I was only successful when I stopped letting myself get overwhelmed with everything available. Instead of starting with what could be, I started from where I was. 

Today, I work out five days a week and switch between a lot of different workouts and styles, pushing myself. Back then, I took two workout classes a week. Today, I’m a vegetarian who (sort of) tracks what I eat. Back then, I started by cutting junk food and soda out of my life. 

Start where you are, then widen the circle. It will give you room to grow and creates a safeguard against being overwhelmed, becoming paralyzed, and never actually making a change.

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