Your Well-Being Is More Important Than Your Productivity

One would think quarantine would be the perfect time to complete the list. You know? THE list. The list of things we all say we would accomplish if we only had a little more time. 

One would think. 

But if you are anything like me, nothing on that list has been accomplished. In fact, outside of work and normal everyday routines, very little extra productivity has been shown for the additional time. 

I am a type A, overachieving, hard on myself person. So when I learned that I was going to be working from home without anywhere else to go for an undefined period of time, I did what I do best. 

I made a list. 

Obviously, I couldn’t let an opportunity like this pass me by. So many projects. So much free time. So why is it that after a month of being at home, little has been crossed off? 

It’s because I decided that my well-being is more important than my productivity. And, yours is as well. 

Let’s face it folks: We’re human. And, as much as I hate the overuse of the word, we truly are living in unprecedented times. 

Our normal routines aren’t here. Our places of escape, unless in our own homes, are unavailable. Plans have been canceled. Exciting events rescheduled. As much as we might try to treat this time of social distancing as extra time for productivity, we need to first acknowledge that this is not normal. 

Some of us might be making the adjustment to this shifted way of life just fine for the time being. But, for others of us, the adjustment is harder. No, we’re not sick. No, we may not be without work. 

But we are in the middle of a global crisis, one we don’t have a framework in which to process or a context to fit it in. If we’re doing okay, we’re connected with dozens of people who are financially or physically struggling because of this. We are without our normal rhythms. We are digitally connected but many of us are physically alone. 

Even if you feel like you should be taking advantage of this time and functioning at maximum productivity levels, it’s okay to acknowledge that you simply can’t right now. Nothing is normal, and you’re allowed to show yourself grace. You are not the sum of your productivity, and your well-being is so much more important than crossing things off your list. 

Rest in that.

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