what to do when those dearest are distant.

what to do with a heart made of map dots

When I was a kid, sticking dots on a map to show where my people were was a simple task. Sure, there were the family members that lived a little further away from me than preferable, but most of my loved ones were clustered in the geographic circle I called home. Read More

Here's the rewind of what Kelvey finished reading in the month of July.

Reading List Rewind: July 2018

“Books are the compasses and telescopes and sextants and charts which other men have prepared to help us navigate the dangerous seas of human life.” -Jesse Lee Bennett

I am a reader, but it certainly takes effort. In a digital age, picking up a book and taking the time to sit still with it must be a choice, and it is one I’m attempting to make more and more.

Curiosity led me to create a recent Instagram poll over whether or not there was interest in keeping up with what I have been reading and my book suggestions; the results were positive. So, I decided to start writing about the books I finish in a month in order to reflect back on what I read and bring new suggestions to y’all.


Therefore, let me introduce you to my reading list rewind: July 2018.


An Astronaut’s Guide to Life On Earth :: Col. Chris Hadfield




Who knew a Canadian astronaut could give you so many key pieces of life advice? From the perspective of the stars, Hadfield brought decades of wisdom accumulated in training to go where few humans will venture, and wrapped it up in a witty, thoughtful book.


The Conscience of a Conservative :: Sen. Barry Goldwater




Although there’s conflict over whether or not Goldwater was actually the author of this book, one thing is clear: very little has changed in the way American politics are carried out since the 1960s. Even though there are questionable views and biases of the time, this book lays a good foundation for conservative argument and sound fiscal policies.


A Walk to Remember :: Nicholas Sparks




Fiction is good for the soul; stories are important. I’d seen the movie, but never read the book, so picking up the written version of A Walk to Remember left me tearing up and happy that good stories exist.


Know Your Why :: Ken Costa


IMG_1745 (1).jpg


Ken Costa may be my new favorite author and speaker. A financial wizard, follower of Christ, joyful spirit, and practical advice giver, I think it might be impossible to hear or read his words and not learn. Know Your Why brings fresh light to who we are in Christ and how we are to live out our calling here on earth.

My recommendation for this month? Definitely Know Your Why.

Stay tuned for next month folks!