Trust God to shape your speech, and He will.

Becoming Slow(er) To Speak

I can’t be the only one who has always been hit with a pang of guilt when reading James’ urge to be “slow to speak” (James 1:19). Continue reading “Becoming Slow(er) To Speak”

coffee with text

Why We Need Life Rituals

I think we would all like to believe that we make our way through life, choosing to do each thing in the moment, pulling ourselves together. All of our mornings are taken step by step and are effortless, right? Continue reading “Why We Need Life Rituals”

Anxiety is not the enemy of productivity.

Anxiety, Productivity, Goldilocks, and Three Bears

We all know Goldilocks’ story. Three bears, three options for everything, only one that worked for her. Oddly enough, we can learn a lot about productivity from Goldilocks. Continue reading “Anxiety, Productivity, Goldilocks, and Three Bears”