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You are the sum of your habits.

Repetition Is What Builds A Life

It’s a little unnerving to think that our lives are, essentially, the sum of our habits.  Continue reading “Repetition Is What Builds A Life”

I don't want an Instaworthy life - I want a faithful one.

I Want To Be Boring

One of my favorite songs is “Crazy” by Ben Rector. In it, he sings:


You ever get tired of turning on the radio

And asking yourself, “Who lives that kind of life?”

Cause I don’t.


Ben’s point is sound. We can’t turn on the radio, our phones, or the T.V. without being bombarded by a single point: You only live once, so you better live a CRAZY and AMAZING life.

Doesn’t that sound kind of exhausting? 

Don’t get me wrong, I think there are huge, lit up moments in our lives – ones that we will never forget. Where the accomplishment is achieved, the notoriety comes, the project takes off. Where the grand calling God has drawn you to comes to life. These are all good things. 

But, our life isn’t supposed to be founded upon such things. Instead, the big moments should be blessings anchored in what most view as undesirable: a boring life. 

Jefferson Bethke writes in his new book To Hell With The Hustle (available for preorder here): 


“…I’m going to keep chasing boring because that’s the thing that’s actually allowing me to live fully. It feels anchored, slow, not anxious, full of joy, steady, and has a peace about it that I think only comes from the quietness of it.” 


Our cultural paradigm had led us to believe that a life of deep meaning and richness is only found in praiseworthy moment after moment. Realistically, that equation sounds like the start of burn out, of anxiety, of exhaustion, and of deep unsatisfaction. 

Those moments can only carry the weight of blessing when they are anchored in something much more fulfilling – the way of Jesus. His way was never rushed, never overfilled, never spotlight seeking. 

If culture labels living a life where I faithfully follow Jesus, love my family and neighbors, work hard, and follow set rhythms boring, then I want to be boring. I don’t think fulfillment comes in the spotlight – I think it comes in each day spent leading a slow but meaningful life focused on our Creator and fellow image-bearers.

The Instagram worthy moments are great, but I don’t want an Instagram worthy life – I want one spent where I am boring but faithful.

The voice that makes you frantic is not of God.

Satan Rushes, God Leads

I am type A. I always need a plan. I like to make informed decisions, but to do so quickly. Making choices in life can be overwhelming. When new information comes my way, I usually feel rushed and pressured into choosing a direction.  Continue reading “Satan Rushes, God Leads”

We yearn for a just God.

We Yearn For A Just God

A just God is a hard idea to swallow. 

One that would determine good and evil, one that would carry out judgment upon the earth. We struggle to believe that a perfectly just God is a good thing, that wrath has a purpose. 

But secretly I think we’re all yearning for a perfectly just God.  Continue reading “We Yearn For A Just God”

Audiobooks count as books too

Audiobooks Count As Books Too

In the first seven months of 2019, I not only had read as many books as I did by the end of 2018 – I increased that number by 50 percent. And, I still have several months left in the year to keep reading. 

How did I hit such an increase? I started believing that audiobooks counted.  Continue reading “Audiobooks Count As Books Too”

if nothing here satisfies, this probably isn't what I'm meant for.

Sweetness, Sadness, and Longing For The Lord

“If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.” 


These words that C.S. Lewis penned into Mere Christianity come to my mind at the strangest of times. The rest of his thought continues:  Continue reading “Sweetness, Sadness, and Longing For The Lord”