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When you're looking to make change, start small.

Start Where You Are, Then Widen The Circle

The realm of possibility is broad. It’s wide. It’s intimidating. 

But the circle you stand in? It’s much smaller.  Continue reading “Start Where You Are, Then Widen The Circle”

God works through ordinary, simple, physical acts as much as anything else.

Never Underestimate The Spiritual Importance Of A Nap

There is a passage of Scripture that makes the rounds on social media, one that I really love. It tells a story that took place during the prophet Elijah’s flight from the reach of Ahab and Jezebel:  Continue reading “Never Underestimate The Spiritual Importance Of A Nap”

Don't short-circuit your learning process by running away from wrestling with the text.

Resist The Temptation To Take Shortcuts In Bible Study

Short-circuiting processes is what our fast-paced world is all about. We’ve seen delivery times cut down to the same day; a full meal able to be microwaved and on the table in five minutes. Most of this short-circuiting isn’t bad, but what happens when we use the same tactics on our time in the Word?  Continue reading “Resist The Temptation To Take Shortcuts In Bible Study”

Even when they mischaracterize you, God knows exactly who you are.

God Knows Even When They Don’t

I don’t like being misunderstood or mischaracterized.

I don’t like being given labels that don’t belong to me. 

I don’t like wrong assumptions about who I am. 

And, when these things occur, I definitely don’t like it when I can’t correct them. 

Yet, all of the above are increasingly occurring in my life. Continue reading “God Knows Even When They Don’t”