You're not going to thrive all the time - that's okay.

It’s OK To Survive When You Can’t Thrive

A few years ago, I got the word ‘thrive’ inked inside my wrist. Maybe a dumb idea at the moment, but it has served as a reminder that God didn’t put me on this earth just to simply survive, but to thrive. Continue reading “It’s OK To Survive When You Can’t Thrive”

Don't short-circuit your learning process by running away from wrestling with the text.

Resist The Temptation To Take Shortcuts In Bible Study

Short-circuiting processes is what our fast-paced world is all about. We’ve seen delivery times cut down to the same day; a full meal able to be microwaved and on the table in five minutes. Most of this short-circuiting isn’t bad, but what happens when we use the same tactics on our time in the Word?  Continue reading “Resist The Temptation To Take Shortcuts In Bible Study”