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Trying To Prioritize Health? Leverage Your Phone

These days, we use our phones to do pretty much everything but actually call people. We can order groceries that are delivered straight to our doors, invest in the stock market, and see people who are across the world. So why wouldn’t we leverage our phones when we’re trying to prioritize our health?  Continue reading “Trying To Prioritize Health? Leverage Your Phone”

You're not going to thrive all the time - that's okay.

It’s OK To Survive When You Can’t Thrive

A few years ago, I got the word ‘thrive’ inked inside my wrist. Maybe a dumb idea at the moment, but it has served as a reminder that God didn’t put me on this earth just to simply survive, but to thrive. Continue reading “It’s OK To Survive When You Can’t Thrive”

Don't short-circuit your learning process by running away from wrestling with the text.

Resist The Temptation To Take Shortcuts In Bible Study

Short-circuiting processes is what our fast-paced world is all about. We’ve seen delivery times cut down to the same day; a full meal able to be microwaved and on the table in five minutes. Most of this short-circuiting isn’t bad, but what happens when we use the same tactics on our time in the Word?  Continue reading “Resist The Temptation To Take Shortcuts In Bible Study”