We use Samson as a case study in an infrequent and limited way.

Samson Is A Needed Case Study

We use Samson as a what-not-to-do case study in a much too limited and infrequent way. Continue reading “Samson Is A Needed Case Study”

Remembering is one of the most important things humanity could do.

The Significance Of Remembering

One of the most valuable things mankind does is slow down and remember. Continue reading “The Significance Of Remembering”

Are The Promises Yours?

It’s one thing to know something for other people, quite another to embrace it for yourself. Maybe it’s hypocrisy. Maybe it’s blindness to our own faults or needs. We all do it. Continue reading “Are The Promises Yours?”

We weren't created to be walking tombs.

The Making of a Walking, Breathing Mausoleum

Walk through an ancient cemetery and odds are that you will be enthralled with the grim beauty of the buildings around you. Old mausoleums are stately, if for no other reason than their weathered and whitewashed stonework. Yet, no matter how beautiful the tombs in a cemetery look on the outside, you know that to look inside would be a horrifying glimpse of decay and death. Continue reading “The Making of a Walking, Breathing Mausoleum”