One of the ways I learn new things and keep up with society is through reading pieces from several different websites. Here’s a list of my favorite websites to switch up your article intake a bit!

1. Turning Point News

Bringing you the news you wouldn’t normally see, Turning Point News is an amazing site to get an extremely varied headlines and information. I’m personally biased-I am a TPN Staff Writer. Head on over and check out my work and take in everything else while you’re there.

2. Caffeinated Thoughts

Again, personally biased as I’m the Associate Editor at and write for CT. CT is a great place to keep up on Iowa politics, national politics, and theology.

3. The Gospel Coalition

The Gospel Coalition is a website dedicated to theology and culture from a biblical worldview. The majority of what they write is theologically sound, and I always find fascinating perspectives when I’m reading.

4. Future Female Leader

“Being a conservative woman is hard. We make it easier.” This is for all the ladies who keep up with Kelvey Olivia Dot Com, although gentlemen, I’m sure you would enjoy their work as well. FFL’s blog is awesome, and they also have a fantastic store where you can shop for the cutest conservative apparel around.

5. Productivityist

If you are a time management addict like me, if you’re organized or want to get more organized, or if you are self-employed or have goals to reach at work at all, this is the blog for you.