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Kelvey is a freelance writer (with work featured at sites like The National Pulse and The Millennial Review) and the Associate Editor at Caffeinated Thoughts.  She is also a contributor to the Human Defense Initiative. Kelvey was also formerly with Turning Point News as a Staff Writer and Editor.


Kelvey Vander Hart


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  1. Sarah Cohen · March 6, 2017

    I saw you write for Hypeline as well as here. I like to be private but I have a few ideas of articles. 1. Watch and summarize/analize/comment on Tucker Carlson amazing speech to firefighters March 6. My favorite quote is “‘Trump won the presidency with no staff and no money. He had no campaign manager (I guess he meant no steady campaign manager from the begining) no pollster, barely raised any money, it was him, his daughter and an iphone, and they won the presidency, it was never heard of before! – if you think of it that is so true, it was run like a lemonade stand, they had a 26 year old communications director, hilarious! Second favorite quote- paraphrased- basicly saying DJT is result of politicians ignoring constituents and if they elites continue to ignore citizens it will get worse “If you think DT presidency is crazy wait until you get an Al Sharpton presidency, it will be wild!” My favorite suggestion in that speech was that Trump should issue EO shutting down Obama era taxpayer program funding self-driving car development to the tune of a billion dollars and lie to America and just say because it is dangerous.

    2. Write an article what happened to Puritans – like John Adams – Christians in the founding of US many of them did not believe in the superstitions of the Catholic church, they did not believe in open miracles (rather that all of nature is miracles but in this day and age nuns and preists dont have power to raise the dead) they were vehemently against institutionalized religion and they also did not believe Jesus is the son of g-d any more than any other person created in g-ds image. They believed g-d will never take human form and that Jesus was a messenger and through his disciples g-ds word was spread far on the earth. Nowadays so few Christians strongly believe in g-d, in moral and theological authority of the bible, judeochristian values but also believe in the unitarian theology – early settlers fled catholics and the anglecan church and now except for Jews (I am a jew thats why im curious about this, because it is a foundation of our faith that g-d can never take human form so Jesus must have been born out of wedlock if his Mom never revealed who the dad is, except in out history books it is written who he is, but still curious when I found out that there were once Christians who went back to the basics of what Christianity was origionaly found on, and then was curious how come that didnt stick if that religious awakening is what inspired America and the abolitionist movement).

    3. The Good Fight – new TV show sequal to The Good Wife- might be enjoyed by TPUSA crowd, it is kind of the new center that Dave Rubin is talking about. There are liberals and conservatives, but they address issues such as the silent Trump voter, the way black republicans can be ostracized if they share their political beliefs- and they portrayed it with such humor, it was hilarious, but brutally honest, because it is a law firm, yes they show the defense side of police brutality n a positive light, but they also show how BIG GOVERNMENT is corrupt, the lead character is a bleeding heart liberal, but she is more a classical liberal who married a conservative character who she respected for his principles. The producers are smart, they realize they need to court conservative viewers if they want their show to succeed.

    4. Switched at Birth did a few episodes of Black Lives Matter, Cultural Appropriation – they did a horrible job fairly portraying both sides, the black character were portrayed almost as idiots and not really called out on it- sort of, but not in a way that portrayed them examining the other side with intellectual honesty. They were bullies even to each other- sometimes they apologiezed, but sometimes it was only halfhearted and as an afterthought. The baseball player that started a boycott first refuses to do a boycott, only when he surrenditisly gets falsely arrested by 2 cops for fumbling with his chain the night before a game after having never experienced any racism before ever in his life so that is why before that incident he said he sees no need to get personally involved in his classmates fight, suddenly he gets falesely arrested, and then joins in, and also first says no because the school is payng for his college for free and helping him out with family needs and he has family depending on him, and it isnt portrayed as the college giving him all this help, so clearly the college isnt racist, his skin color wasnt a factor, and he owes the college so much for the opportunity, the way it is portrayed is the college is using him for free because they make money on the media and they dont pay him anything- I guess its a tv show, so how deep can it get, but if they go into a tough issue, and spend a few episodes, they should honsetly examine both sides. The triggering incident really set it all off to a horrible start- a black girl gets insulted because her close friend’s boyfriend who is the RA- who incidentally is the person her own cousin tried to date when he came out as gay- so she knows they guy well and that he is a nice and good person, dresses up as little wayne and she tries to get him fired and has a tantrum when that fails bc its cultural appropriation. And she breaks up her friendship with her friend for writing a free speech op-ed. I heard Tim Scotts senate speech, I saw Diamond and Silk Wall of Shame and I heard CPAC speech on Black Lives Matter to know that racism is alive and active in the US which is why it is sad that this TV show had such an immature, shallow and lopsided coverage of the issue.

    5. The Fosters had a few episodes on Gay sex ed in school- also watch it and discuss, definitely deserves critique. Proves Ben Shapiros point that gay rights is not end with marriage equality, it goes on to gay sex ed, and in the show of course it is lopsided, the main characters have no interest in recognizing that maybe even if they are right, it doesnt mean people who disagree with them are wrong and also deserve to have their opinion considered. Also- the show completely glosses over the solution to the issue of the gay teen needing sex ed and asking his parents why it isnt covered in school- well maybe its not the schools job in the first lace, maybe its the parents job. Then the fosters does an abortion episode, where it is clearly evident why men need to care and have a voice in the pro-life movement and the slogan her body her choice or Ill support whatever decision you make is a callous, cruel and non-compassionate position. The girl was scared, unsure, sad, and they guy just said, well im nt ready to be a dad, so i respect that you dont feel ready to be a mom, so even though we are both sad, go for it.

    6. Happy for a lot of stuff DT is doing and wonderful advocate and role model Ivanka is- but she should not be immune from criticism from the right just because she is being unfairly attacked from the left. There are pros and cons and 70 ways for her paid maternity and paternity leave plans to be implemented- it should not be allowed to fly through just because she suggested it. Also her backing of the unconstitutional climate deal based on junk science that threatens us sovereignty. If she is going to push these ridiculous ideas than she needs to leave the white house and go back to designing jewelry an handbags.

    7. Speaking of world figures being held accountable- the Pope is ridiculous, there needs to be a catholic uprising to impeach him. He said its ok that migrants rape women and do FGM and honor killings bc there are also catholic italians who mistreat their wives. He said so many other crazy things, for catholics, if this goes agaisnt the heritage of the catholic church teachings they should reject him and all his apostic teachings, for non-catholics who do not believe in the infallibility of the pope – they should not hesitate to criticize him for the garbage he spews like they would criticize any other world figure.


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