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The Magnetism of Stories

Have you ever been so engrossed in something that when you are, inevitably, snapped back into reality, it almost feels like you were physically, not just mentally, removed?

Continue reading “The Magnetism of Stories”

Blinded, Bitter, and In the Dark

“Time grows the seeds that are planted, watered, and fertilized. Plant beauty, grow beauty. Plant thorns, grow thorns. Time will allow for either.”

-Lysa TerKeurst Continue reading “Blinded, Bitter, and In the Dark”

Who are we to judge the value of a life?

One of the happiest people in my life is a little girl with Down’s syndrome. Continue reading “Who are we to judge the value of a life?”

The Vivid Life

“When we are bored, it can only be because we have stopped looking at Jesus. He can’t be boring. If we find him boring, it’s because we are boring. The deficiency is ours, not his.” Continue reading “The Vivid Life”

A Life’s Work in an Introduction

Introductions are usually pushed aside. We view them as obligations, nothing more than a formal way to tell people you’ve started writing or speaking. Especially when writing professionally, they are viewed as an annoyance. Continue reading “A Life’s Work in an Introduction”

apathy will kill America

The media, the politicians, and the bureaucrats may say differently, but the largest threat to America is apathy. Continue reading “apathy will kill America”

live like you’re loved

I think everyone in this world is searching for love. Love is an anchor, it’s security; we all crave it. Continue reading “live like you’re loved”

take courage, my heart

What does a courageous life look like? Continue reading “take courage, my heart”

“Is he hot?”

If ever I dare to mention a guy I think I may be interested in, or someone who I suspect is interested in me, usually, the first thing out of the vast majority’s mouth is:

“Is he hot?” Continue reading ““Is he hot?””

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