Are The Promises Yours?

It’s one thing to know something for other people, quite another to embrace it for yourself. Maybe it’s hypocrisy. Maybe it’s blindness to our own faults or needs. We all do it. Continue reading “Are The Promises Yours?”

Realism won't set the world on fire - idealism will.

Go Ahead, Be An Idealist

The value our society puts on realism is quite high. A down-to-earth state of mind gets praised. Yet, what if the thing we actually need is idealism? Continue reading “Go Ahead, Be An Idealist”

You set yourself up for failure in 2019 when you treat your goals and resolutions the same way - here's why.

Why Your Resolutions And Your Goals Need To Be Different

Welcome to 2019! This is the year that you will finally pull yourself together, accomplish your dreams, and knock out your goals.

Or so you tell yourself. Obviously, this year will be different than 2018, 2017, 2016… Continue reading “Why Your Resolutions And Your Goals Need To Be Different”

The ins and out of moving to a new city can be daunting; here's my top 5 revelations to make it simpler.

5 Things No One Ever Told Me About Moving To A New City

A little over a week ago, I uprooted for the final time this summer (thank goodness!) and moved to a brand new city. Continue reading “5 Things No One Ever Told Me About Moving To A New City”

Here's 4 steps for setting goals that ACTUALLY matter.

How To Set Goals That Actually Matter

I’ve always been a goal setter. Whether it was accomplishing certain feats of fitness, attempting to become a better saver, or even something as simple as a first ____ (car, tattoo, etc.), you could count on me to write it down and look forward to it. Continue reading “How To Set Goals That Actually Matter”

Comings & Goings

New beginnings are something I’m fond of. The slipping of the old into the new, the comings and goings. I crave these things, whether they’re found in a new haircut, a reorganized space, or, as we breathlessly wait for tonight, the start of a completely new year. Continue reading “Comings & Goings”