digital header reading "Acting Like Jesus in the age of internet trolls"

Acting Like Jesus in the Age of Internet Trolls

I’m a writer, and therefore, used to digital criticism, insults, and the occasional threat. Continue reading “Acting Like Jesus in the Age of Internet Trolls”

Little Things & Losing My Chill

I sometimes think the little things in life are so much harder to handle gracefully than the large, looming things. Continue reading “Little Things & Losing My Chill”

Washing Feet and Killing Dignity

We are altogether too impressed with ourselves. Dignity is something we hold dear; we stroke it and care for it until it grows into a monster. The idea of lowering ourselves to make another greater is a foreign idea, and it makes us uncomfortable. We are not willing to kill our dignity in service to a brother or sister. We are far too unlike Christ. Continue reading “Washing Feet and Killing Dignity”