moon rising and "the next phase starts now"

the next phase starts NOW

I’ve been using the month of January to study through Proverbs, and it has rocked my world. However, there have been a few specific verses scattered throughout that although subtle, shared a common theme: that of being a wife, particularly, a good or godly one. Continue reading “the next phase starts NOW”

Why would you write for free?

I was asked a question recently that made me stop and think for a while. “Why would you write for free?” The person who asked this had just discovered that only one of the sites I contribute to pays me for my work, and she was confused as to why I would go to the effort of writing without the monetary return. Continue reading “Why would you write for free?”

Eyes On a Worthless Prize

“Keep your eye on the prize.” This mantra has permeated society, reminding all of us to keep our focus on the proper priorities. Finding its origins in an old hymn, the phrase incites focus on whatever it takes for us to meet our goals, get to where we want to be. Everybody is encouraged to live life with their eyes on a prize, and to do whatever it takes to get to that thing, that point. Continue reading “Eyes On a Worthless Prize”