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April 2023: ‘Tools of Titans’ + Why Do We Poison Our Homes?

These recaps are usually posted and sent at the beginning of the month. But this one has a very good reason for being delayed: I just moved across the country, from Iowa to Alabama! Missing my home state but enjoying the warmer weather and good hiking.

And, just in case my father is reading this, my Iowa Hawkeye gear has not been joined by any Alabama football merch. He can breathe a sigh of relief. 

Here’s my April recap: 

Best Book I Read This Month 

Tools Of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers by Tim Ferriss is such a fascinating read. Built on years and years of notes Ferriss took from interviews, the book is essentially a lengthy ‘how to’ manual with all sorts of tips, tricks, and best practices. You can find it here

Best Article I Read This Month

A new tactic for holding police accountable? Tracking the numbers. Click here for an interesting read about how police are being held accountable through spreadsheets. 

Tip + Trick of the Month

It is really hard to fight your environment when you’re trying to build new habits. I got lucky and just moved to a new house that I thoughtfully set up to encourage the habits I want to see in my life. But even if you’re staying in the same house (office, neighborhood, etc.), is there a way you could reorder things to make maintaining healthy habits simpler? 

Quote of the Month

“Ours is a culture where we wear our ability to get by on very little sleep as a kind of badge of honor that symbolizes work ethic, or toughness, or some other virtue—but really, it’s a total profound failure of priorities and of self-respect.” -Tim Ferriss

Kelvey’s Thought for the Month

Since developing a thyroid condition, I’ve been learning more about endocrine disruptors in the home. All the research led to one question: WHY do we insist on poisoning our homes? 

Cleaning products. 

Food products.

Laundry products.

Shower products. 

A huge percentage of the things we use around our house every day have ingredients that are seriously damaging to our health. Endocrine disruptors and carcinogens are incredibly common. It’s insane that we trade our health away for household products. 

This week, I would challenge you to take a look at a few products you regularly use. Look up the ingredients. You may even want to ditch the product and choose something better for your health. Small swaps around the house could end up having a huge impact on your health. 

Enjoy the start of your summer. I’ll catch you next month.