Why We Need To Shift 'What If' To 'Even If'

Why We Need To Shift ‘What If’ To ‘Even If’

“‘What if’ equals fear; ‘even if’ equals faith.” Continue reading “Why We Need To Shift ‘What If’ To ‘Even If’”

“Who is your God?”

“I didn’t give a damn about who God was to you in your happiness. But now that you are suffering, I want to know: Who is your God? Where is he in your suffering?” Continue reading ““Who is your God?””

Adoption > Justification

Being home for spring break means that I get to do things I love, like meet with my young adult group at church on Wednesday night. In Ethos, we’re going through 1 John. Wednesday, we were covering 1 John 3:1-10, and the message has stuck with me. Continue reading “Adoption > Justification”