A photo of candles in the dark with the words December 2022 'Finding Quiet' + Less, But Better

December 2022: ‘Finding Quiet’ + Less, But Better

Happy new year! As we step into 2023, here’s a recap of the last month of 2022: 

Best Book I Read This Month 

I’ve struggled with anxiety my whole life. While I’m now much better than I was as a kid, my thyroid condition directly impacts anxiety, among other things. Finding Quiet: My Story of Overcoming Anxiety and the Practices That Brought Peace by J.P. Moreland has been a huge gift in this season. Read more about it here. 

Best Article I Read This Month

“The irony is that the approach to politics outlined by these new, militant conservatives is flatly at odds with authentic Christian virtue. The New Right implies that religious traditionalists have a choice: They can either be the ones inside the gulag, or they can make sure their enemies are. Jesus never would have accepted that bargain.”

Read more from Reason’s Stephanie Slade here. 

Tip + Trick of the Month

Not an original Kelvey Vander Hart tip, but a great one nonetheless. Want to get rid of something but not sure if it’s something you should remove from your home? Try hiding it out of sight for 30 days and see if there’s a need to use it. 

My sister and I have been trying to cut down on the number of coffeemakers we have after combining our kitchens. We prefer French press or pourovers, so we just practiced this idea with a drip maker. That drip maker now belongs to a friend. 

Quote of the Month

“Don’t just declutter, de-own.” -Joshua Becker

Kelvey’s Thought for the Month

Going into 2023, I’m valuing less over more. 

Less stuff. More space, time, and money. 

Less on my task list. More time for priorities. 

Less on my calendar. More time for what matters. 

The key isn’t less for the sake of less. It’s less for something better. 

Where are you needing less this year? 

Have a great start to 2023. I’ll catch you next month.