Why America is the greatest experiment of innovation to ever exist.

America Is The Greatest Experiment

On this planet, any sort of innovation comes with risk. Risk is minimized by repeating the tried and true, but it takes boldness to try something brand new. Those types of experiments of innovation are the greatest risk of all, but also lead to the greatest success. Continue reading “America Is The Greatest Experiment”

The Thirty-One Days of Dresses

The entire month of December 2016, as a passionate advocate for freedom and human rights, I participated in Dressember. The Dressember Foundation works to raise awareness of the plight of the 27 million people that are currently in slavery, and helps raise money to fund modern day abolition organizations. Participants create a fundraising page, and then commit to wearing a dress and spreading the message of freedom every day for the month of December. Continue reading “The Thirty-One Days of Dresses”