God's been keeping his promises since the moment He created earth.

Our God Has Kept His Covenants From The Start

David Mathis recently wrote for Desiring God


“When we lose our wonder, we are prone to wander. The better we know the Old Testament, the more we will stand in awe of Jesus.” 

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We yearn for a just God.

We Yearn For A Just God

A just God is a hard idea to swallow. 

One that would determine good and evil, one that would carry out judgment upon the earth. We struggle to believe that a perfectly just God is a good thing, that wrath has a purpose. 

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Are The Promises Yours?

It’s one thing to know something for other people, quite another to embrace it for yourself. Maybe it’s hypocrisy. Maybe it’s blindness to our own faults or needs. We all do it. Continue reading “Are The Promises Yours?”