Data is GOLD, so why aren't you tracking it? Here are five places where you should get started.

5 Types Of Data You Should Start Tracking

Hi, my name is Kelvey, and I’m addicted to tracking data. Continue reading “5 Types Of Data You Should Start Tracking”

The best habits aren't built overnight - they're built on themselves. Here's why.

Just Get One Percent Better

I recently filled out paperwork to open a retirement account. And, somewhere in the midst of it, my teenage self died a little bit. Continue reading “Just Get One Percent Better”

Here's 4 steps for setting goals that ACTUALLY matter.

How To Set Goals That Actually Matter

I’ve always been a goal setter. Whether it was accomplishing certain feats of fitness, attempting to become a better saver, or even something as simple as a first ____ (car, tattoo, etc.), you could count on me to write it down and look forward to it. Continue reading “How To Set Goals That Actually Matter”