The best habits aren't built overnight - they're built on themselves. Here's why.

Just Get One Percent Better

I recently filled out paperwork to open a retirement account. And, somewhere in the midst of it, my teenage self died a little bit. Continue reading “Just Get One Percent Better”

What if we have the idea of self-care absolutely twisted?

We Have Misdefined Self-Care

If you were to make a list of the most popular buzzwords and phrases of the year, ‘self-care’ would be pretty darn close to the top. Continue reading “We Have Misdefined Self-Care”

Here's 4 steps for setting goals that ACTUALLY matter.

How To Set Goals That Actually Matter

I’ve always been a goal setter. Whether it was accomplishing certain feats of fitness, attempting to become a better saver, or even something as simple as a first ____ (car, tattoo, etc.), you could count on me to write it down and look forward to it. Continue reading “How To Set Goals That Actually Matter”