Public consumption is not the goal of creativity - making is.

Making Is The Whole Goal

Instagram, Etsy, and Pinterest, for all their wonders, have infected culture. In our diseased state, we have grown to a place where we view creative efforts as practically worthless outside of the realm of public consumption.  Continue reading “Making Is The Whole Goal”

photo of laptop, glasses, coffee with text

The Times I Quit Doing What I Love

You know what sucks?

Doing something that you once loved greatly, and having it feel like a burden. Continue reading “The Times I Quit Doing What I Love”

Why would you write for free?

I was asked a question recently that made me stop and think for a while. “Why would you write for free?” The person who asked this had just discovered that only one of the sites I contribute to pays me for my work, and she was confused as to why I would go to the effort of writing without the monetary return. Continue reading “Why would you write for free?”