Forest with a blue box that has white words saying March 2023: 'Deeper' + The Hope of Glory

March 2023: ‘Deeper’ + The Hope of Glory

How has your Lent been going? I think sometimes when we make grand Lent commitments and stumble through them, we forget the point: Drawing nearer to Christ. Let’s focus on that more. 

Here’s my March recap: 

Best Book I Read This Month 

I have become a big Dane Ortlund fan. He communicates deep theological truths in such a kind and impactful way. Deeper: Real Change for Real Sinners was no exception. You can find it here

Best Article I Read This Month

Police brutality is horrifyingly common. But the system is set up so there is minimal accountability and too much leeway in the exercise of power. Until bad cops are publicly and harshly punished, things will not begin to change. A Reason magazine article published this month lays out this argument and is worth the read. You can view it here. 

Tip + Trick of the Month

Did you know that your body physically clings to trauma and stress? This is especially true of your hips. This Healthline article does a great job of diving into the details of why the hips and how this works. 

So, need to do some emotional processing or have an upcoming therapy appointment? Maybe try a few hip stretches first. It can only help. 

Quote of the Month

“Do you want to be right or do you want to love?” -Sarah Wilson

Kelvey’s Thought for the Month

I’ve been reading through Colossians a lot in the past weeks, and recently, I was caught by a phrase I had never truly thought through. It was ‘the hope of glory.’ 

It isn’t an uncommon sentiment in Scripture. But the use of the phrase in Colossians 1:27 made me stop in my tracks: 

“To them God chose to make known how great among the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.” (ESV) 

What is the hope of glory? Scholars could have much more academic thoughts, but this is the simple thought I jotted down upon reading: 

“What does ‘the hope of glory’ mean? That regardless of how this time on earth plays out, I have hope because I am glory-bound and will dwell in glory alongside Christ my Savior.” 

Those who have been saved by Christ’s work on the cross will dwell together with Him, witnesses to the glory of God forever and ever. If that can’t produce hope in hardship, not much can. 

If you don’t know Jesus as your Savior, the hope of glory is not out of reach. Shoot me an email or leave a comment and we can talk. 

I hope your March Madness brackets were spot-on and that you had a lovely March. I’ll catch you next month.

February 2022: At Your Best + Lent Around The Corner

February 2022: At Your Best + Lent Around The Corner

Is anyone else extremely happy about the warmer weather? Dreary winter days, be gone! As we close out the month, here’s your February update talking about books, burnout, and more. 

Best Book I Read This Month 

February was a month where I started a lot of books…that I have yet to finish. Hah. Does anyone else relate? But there’s a book I only have a few more pages left of that has been extremely life-giving. 

At Your Best by Carey Nieuwhof speaks to me on so many levels. I hit a point of burnout back in December. While I have removed the chief source of that burnout, I’m still working to shape a schedule and routine that will help prevent me from burning out in the future. This book teaches you how to shape a schedule that leverages your energy cycles to actually work on your priorities. Highly recommend it – you can read more about the book here

Best Article I Read This Month

Amir Locke’s murder was horrifying. And, all gun owners (such as myself) should be condemning the fact that police murdered a man because they caught a glimpse of his lawfully owned weapon. While this National Review article was much more sympathetic to law enforcement than I am, it makes great points about the fact that gun ownership is multiracial in this country. 

Tip + Trick of the Month

Again referring to At Your Best, you should be doing your most important work when you’re at your best. I think we can all read that and have a ‘duh’ moment. But this can be easily boiled down to two things: working according to your energy levels and blocking distractions. For the first, pay attention to when you’re the most awake, efficient, and ‘on’ (for me, it’s usually before 10 am). As for the second…well…good luck. 

Quote of the Month

This quote is attributed by many to John Wesley. On how to live your life…

“Set yourself on fire with passion, and people will come from miles to watch you burn.” 

Kelvey’s Thought for the Month

Lent is right around the corner. As we enter into this season on Wednesday, many of you who are believers that, like me, do not belong to Catholic or Lutheran traditions may be questioning whether this season is something you should observe. I believe you should.

Observation of the church calendar is one of the easiest ways to orient yourself toward Christ throughout the year. Lent marks a season of renewal, of removing the things that take our gaze from Jesus. So dig in. Identify what, if removed, would draw you nearer to Christ. Remove distractions and turn toward the cross over these 40 days. You will not regret it. 

Enjoy your March! I’ll see you next month.